Starting Up My Blog

Hey there, My name is Bridgette from a semi small town in Queensland, Australia and I am 23 years old. I wanted to start a blog about my fitness journey/tips, skincare/makeup advice and tips, being newly vegetarian/vegan, my love life being pansexual, reviews on things I genuinely love and would want people to know about, gossip about life; relationships, friendships basically all the good and bad. I also want to make friends whether its online or in person.


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What’s being going on

Hey guys 👋🏻

So I’ve been mia the past week or so due to some mental health issues and just know that I’m back and better then ever! I needed the time to self reflect and get back on track as I had a few bumps on my journey!

What are your best ways to help with mental health? Whether it’s pampering yourself or exercising! ANYTHING COMMENT THEM DOWN! For ANYONE WHO NEEDS IT ♥️♥️♥️

Stay hydrated 🤪